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PrintLimit Pro na terminálech

PrintLimit Pro na terminálech

Dotaz: funguje PrintLimit Pro na terminálové síti/učebně? (OS Windows Server 2003 32 bit. pomocí vzdálené plochy (RDP). Každý zaměstnanec má svůj uživatelský učet.

Odpověď: PrintLimit Pro (dále jen PLP) - viz níže text z KnowledgeBase výrobce.

PLP works well on Microsoft Terminal Server (2000, 2003, 2008+) and CITRIX servers and a number of organizations are successfully using it to manage their printing and quotas. As a general rule, we recommend deploying PLP server software on a separate server (e.g. a print server) other than the terminal server itself. The reason for this is that Terminal Server / CITRIX systems can be very resource hungry and leave little resources left for PLP use. This is however not too much of an issue with good high-spec hardware.

Sites planning on using advanced PLP features such as the account selection popup, may need to make a minor system configuration change. This is particually true for sites running versions prior to version 8. Version 8+ uses more advanced logic and in most cases will work "out of the box" in all environments.

By default, PLP uses the client's IP address to help match print jobs to the client (the client software running on the user's screen). Under a terminal server, this assumption is often not valid as a multiple users can be logged in under the one IP address at any one time. The symptom is that the account selection popup, or other popup messages may appear on multiple terminals at once. The solution is to change the system configuration as follows:

1) Log into the administration interface as the admin user.
2) Navigate to Options and select the Config Editor (Advanced) Action from the left set of Action links.
3) Use the Quick find: to locate the key:
4) Change the value to N (no) and press the Update button.