Je školství v krizi?

Úno | 15 | 2012
Ano, české školství je v krizi.
50% (18 hlasů)
Hm, v krizi je snad leda ministerstvo školství ČR ...
25% (9 hlasů)
Ve školství, stejně jako v jakékoli jiné branži, jsou jisté problémy.
25% (9 hlasů)
Hlasováno: 36


Takřka v každé zemi se vede diskuse o krizi tamního školství

"In nearly every country in the world, there's one thing that everyone seems to agree is in crisis: education. America produces legions of Nobel laureates and has the best universities in the world - and yet faces an epidemic of failing state-run schools. India churns out vast numbers of engineers ready for the modern economy, and yet its business leaders yearn for the kind of creative thought that is taught in the Anglo-Saxon system. In the UK we worry about discipline and standards, while at the same time welcoming thousands of foreigners anxious to get qualifications and training that are non-existent in their home counties. Peter Day asks why everyone thinks education is so bad and finds out what schools and businesses are doing to try to improve it."

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